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Mood Theme: Freema Agyeman/Martha Jones

Mood Theme: 132 unique animations featuring Freema Agyeman/Martha Jones. This post will be slightly image heavy and NOT DIAL-UP FRIENDLY. Only spoilerific if you haven't seen Torchwood s2 and Doctor Who s4.


So I made this mood theme a little over a year ago and lost it due to my laptop having fits of temper and crashing. It was made for freema_love. Well lesson learned and this time around I made sure that as I completed each mood I uploaded it to Photobucket immediately to avoid that potential problem. Its a good thing too, because a few hours after finishing the work on it, my apt building burned to the ground.

This is the 2nd of 3 mood themes and like the other 2 its fully animated.

Includes scenes from Doctor Who s3 & 4 + Extras, The Infinite Quest(Extras), Torchwood s2 + Extras, various interviews, DW @ The Proms, The NTA's and Cbeebies. Just about everyone makes an appearance in this theme.

FYI, there is a 2px border around each mood that isn't visible on a white background.

Wonderful thanks to freema_love for some of the videos used to create this mood theme + all the images used in the headers.

[X]Comments are LOVE.
[X]CREDIT IS A MUST wikked_angel_78 for the mood theme(s), everything else you don't need to credit.
[X]No Hotlinking, Please.
[X]Please don't claim as your own or edit any of the animations.

[X]Like my previous animated mood themes, this one is also 100 x 58. Total File
size 23 MB.

[X]Only Paid or Plus accounts can use personal mood themes. However if you have
a basic account you can change it to Plus. Install the mood theme then change
it back to basic if that is your preference. You will keep the mood theme. Well, well. It seems like LJ doesn't accommodate this anymore. You can't do the whole Plus--->Basic and keep the mood theme.

More Previews:

(((((((( FULL PREVIEW OF ALL 132 MOODS))))))))


Download Files @ Sendspace: RAR, ZIP w/ the AdminConsoleCode.TXT

Download Files @ Megaupload: RAR, ZIP w/ the AdminConsoleCode.TXT

Download Files @ MediaFire: RAR, ZIP w/ the AdminConsoleCode.TXT

Instructions on mood theme installation: HERE crackified

If at any point the download links are no longer available, let me know.


Any issues at all, drop me a line posthaste.




HEADERS 800 x 350: 4 VARIATIONS + 1


Ok so I lied, this post is VERY IMAGE HEAVY.
Tags: actress: freema agyeman, character: martha jones, fanart: headers, fanart: mood theme
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