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22 October
I'm a somewhat "sane" West Indian female(Jamaican to be exact), living in New York.

My personal quotes: "If yu cyaan tan up fi sumting. Yu wi lie dung fi hennyting."

"Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind." - Dr. Seuss

"I prefer to be true to myself, even at the hazard of incurring the ridicule of others, rather than to be false, and to incur my own abhorrence." ~ Frederick Douglass


Age: I was born in the era when dinosaurs ruled the earth. My friends call me an old soul.
Location:New York, USA.
Ethnicity: Mixed
Zodiac: Libra
Personality: Friendly, kind, bitchy(when provoked), organized, loyal(to friends and family), etc.
Family: Older brother, older sister, 2 younger brothers, Stepmum and dad. Mum died when I was 3. My father's side of the family has over 1500 and counting. My mum, I don't know much about them.
Diet: Lactose intolerant, I don't eat red meat, mainly veggies, with seafood and poultry.
Disease: Severely insomniac and Asthmatic
Major: Biology(I hold a B.S.), Biochemistry(I hold a M.S.), Nursing(B.S.N).
Minor: History: Latin American & Caribbean Studies(B.A.).
Languages: English, Spanish, French, some Italian and Portuguese.
Activism: The Nation Kidney Foundation, The American Red Cross, The American Cancer Society, Boys and Girls Club of America, Doctors Without Borders.
Favourite Colour: Red in any shade.
Favourite Books: Ain't I A Woman by Bell Hooks, The Pendragon Banner Trilogy by Helen Hollick, Gone with the Wind by Margaret Mitchell, Scarlett by Alexandra Ripley, Breath of Scandal by Sandra Brown. More to be added.
Clothing: I'm a nurse so scrubs are a constant wear, LOL.
Pets: I love cats but I'm severely allergic to fur, so I have to have a goldfish instead.
Channel: Univision, Discovery Channel, HGTV, Disney, BBC, the CW.
Weather: I love stormy weather and the cool breezes of the Caribbean.
Holidays: My birthday, Jamaican Independence and Labour Day.
Places: I've been to the UK, Spain, all around the USA and the Caribbean.
Computer: Gateway Laptop with a 15.6 in HD screen.
Other Devices: 8G MP3 player by Creative and a 32G iTouch.

my loves


BTVS: Spike/Buffy, Willow/Oz, Willow/Tara, Xander/Anya.
ATS: Angel/Cordelia, Gunn/Fred.
TVD: Damon/Bonnie, Stefan/Elena, Tyler/Caroline, Matt/Caroline, Damon/Elena.
SV: Clark/Chloe.
Merlin: Arthur/Guinevere, Merlin/Morgana, Merlin/Gwaine.
Misfits: Simon/Alisha, Nathan/Kelly, Curtis/Nikki, Simon/Kelly(Friendship).
LOTS: Richard/Cara, Richard/Kahlan.
TSCC: John/Cameron
House M.D.: House/Cameron.
Gilmore Girls: Jess/Rory.
Dawson's Creek: Pacey/Joey, Dawson/Joey.
SGA: John/Teyla, Ronan/Teyla, Ronan/Elizabeth.
Dresden Files: Dresden/Murphy.
OLTL: Todd/Evangeline
PSSN'S: Fox/Whitney.
Blood Ties: Henry/Vicki.
CSI: Grissom/Sarah, Warwick/Catherine.
CDA: Chalo y Valeria.
DW: 9/Rose, 10/Martha, Jack/Martha, 10/Donnna.
TW: Jack/Gwen.
Firefly: Mal/Inara, Mal/Zoe, Simon/Kaylee, Jayne/Vera.
Star Trek TOS, VOY: Kirk/Uhura, Paris/Torres, Janeway/Chakotay, Doctor/Seven of 9, Paris/Kess.
Ugly Betty: Daniel/Betty.
Royal Pains: Hank/Divya.
White Collar: Neal/Diana.
Psych: Shawn/Gus, Lassiter/Juliet.


King Arthur 2004: Arthur/Guinevere
Pirates of the Caribbean: Jack/Elizabeth, Will/Elizabeth.
The Little Mermaid: Eric/Ariel.
Harry Potter: Draco/Hermione.
LOTR: Aragorn/Eowyn, Aragorn/Arwen, Legolas/Gimli.
Star Trek: Kirk/Uhura.
GWTW & Scarlett: Rhett/Scarlett

pet peeves

1). Ignorance
2). Grimy, backstabbing folks.
3). Racist.
4). Homophobes
5). People who chew with their mouth open
6). Busy bodies, mind your own damn business.
8). Liars
9). Fakers
10). Sheep(as in folks who follow the pack(to gain a pat on the head) and can't think for themselves).
11). People who talk too much.
12). People who bring their very young kids to the movies.
13). Loud, noisy kids and adults in public
14). Tea Party morons.
15). People who wear too much perfume/cologne.
16). Guys who think they are gods gift to women.
17). People who expect everything to be handed to them on a platter.
18). Folks who have no compassion.
19). Gossip-mongers.
20). Thieves
21). A Bureaucracy that peddles drugs to the sick instead of offering a viable cure. To quote Chris Rock, "There's no money in the cure, the money's in the medicine."
22). Laziness
23). Gender bias
24). People who treat marriage and commitment as some kind of joke.
25). Women who scream that they are feminist, but are the most vile woman hating heifers ever.

random stuff

I collect Barbies, world currencies, key chains, funky t-shirts, funky bracelets, 4 leaf clovers, royalty memorabilia, etc.

I have a natural piercing in my upper left ear, which in my country means that I'm stubborn. I'm right handed and can barely hold a tune. I can't text to save my life and I think tumblr is the dumbest shit ever.

I have a scar on my left leg from falling on a wire fence when I was 9.

Born and raised in the island of Jamaica. As normal in my country, I started high school at aged 10, completed it at aged 15. When I came to this country they tried to put me in an English as a second language class, since I guess they didn't hear us when we said that as a Jamaican, English was our first language. My aunt fought that edict and won. They also placed me back one grade, because I was too young to send to the high school, unfortunately we lost that battle and I was sent to 9th grade(in the Junior Building instead of 10th grade in the HS building).

I love listening to music, so at any given point all of these genres & singers will be on heavy rotation:


Reggae, Latin, Old Skool R&B, Pop, Rock.

Artist: Beenie Man, Buju Banton. Lady Saw, Sean Paul, Wayne Wonder, Sanchez, Barrington Levy, Gregory Issac's, Byron Lee and The Dragonaires, Alison Hinds, Thalia, Cristian Castro, Noelia, Millie Corretjer, Olga Tanon, Ricky Martin, Enrique Iglesias, Luther Vandross, Whitney Houston, Diana Ross, Celine Dion, Carrie Underwood, Shakira, Delta Goodrem, Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, Josh Groban, Evanescence, Shania Twain, The Dixie Chicks, TLC, Elephant Man, Mr. Vegas, Chaka Demus & Pliers, Nadine Sutherland, Mariah Carey, Gloria Estefan, Breaking Benjamin, Crossfade, Jim Brickman, Toni Braxton, Britney Spears, Tamia, Enya, Clay Aiken, etc.

links & credits

Journal layout:velvetb0x
Profile: noveltybox

Resources that I use for my fanart are below. All mood themes used on this journal are made by me using screen-caps that are done by me.


camelot_love: An Arthur/Guinevere community.
graphics_a_day A 365 challenge community where we make/post graphics larger than 100 x 100 daily.
sga_beya: A John/Teyla community.
jeyla4ever2: AKA Stargaze is an John/Teyla HD screen-cap community.


Resources: AVH, freshmakers, forbiddenstorm, 77words, scrapbookart, neke, , wonderland, dearest, dobv, amethystia, colorfilter, trash_graphics, meleada, ca_pris, ohfreckle, iiokua, cae_prince, spikesbint, dreamydaydream, sir, kizzmom, pixar_eve, lil_brokenangel, prinseae, colortone, padabee, ca_pris, xswaniconsx, 99Mockingbirds,babliz, kiho_chan, SXC, dearest, sarkasmuz, bambinainnero.